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Zambian Institute of Chartered Accountants is the official body that represents all certified accountants in Zambia, providing accountability in the quality and service of the accounting profession. Browse this site to find more information on membership benefits and options, or just to learn more about our institution and how it benefits you as a client of the accounting profession in Zambia.


A world class professional accountancy regulator and educator.


To uphold the highest professional standards in accountancy education and practice through a highly skilled and motivated staff.                                                           

Become a member

According to the Accountants Act of 2008, all accountants must be registered with ZICA to practice accountancy in Zambia. Becoming a member of ZICA introduces you into the largest body of accountants in Zambia, and includes a number of benefits. You will have access to internal reports, information, and exclusive opportunities to increase your skills and production. Certified members of ZICA have access to a greater client base and a reputation of excellence, providing you with an certificate clients can trust. Join today and see how you can benefit for ZICA membership.

About ZICA

The Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) is a self regulated membership body for the Accountancy profession in Zambia. It was established under the Accountants Act of 1982, repealed and continues to exist under the accountants Act of 2008. Its primary mandate is to promote the accountancy profession, through the regulation of accountancy practice and education in Zambia. 

ZICA is managed by a Council consisting of 12 members, of which 10 are elected by members at the AGM and two are nominated by the Minister of Finance and National Planning.

The Accountancy Programme

The ZICA Accountancy Programme was introduced in 2007 and has since received international acceptability with the endorsement of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA). It complies fully with all IFAC Standards of Education (IES 1-8). It is a tier fully fledged professional programme as follows:

Technical Level: Comprises seven subjects that prepare one for clerical accounting work, usually carried out by Accounts Assistants.

T1 – Financial Accounting

T2 – Cost Accounting

T3 – Mathematics & Statistics

T4 – Business Economics

T5 – Taxation

T6 – Management

T7 – Information Technology & Communication

Licentiate Level: The intermediate stage covers covers eight subjects. It prepares the student for general accounting work carried out by middle management accounting officers.

L1 – Financial Reporting

L2 – Management Accounting

L3 – Integrated Taxation

L4 – Auditing

L5 - Decision Making Techniques

L6 – Corporate Finance Management

L7 – Business & Company Law

L8 – Risk & Management Control System

Professional Level: The final stage that covers five subjects and prepares the student for high level advisory accounting work usually carried out by Chief Finance Officers in the organizations.

P1 – Advanced Financial Reporting

P2 – Advanced Management Accounting

P3 – Strategic Financial Management

P4 – Audit & Assurance

P5 – strategic Management

Practical Training: Following successful completion of the professional  level, the graduate undertakes a compulsory three year practical training programme under the supervision of a chartered accountant.

 The Institute has a dedicated team to attend to the needs of the students and make them be at home.

Entry Requirements

A full School Certificate or its equivalent with at least five(s) credits or better including English and Mathematics. GCE holders can also register through the Mature Age Entry Route (MAER). These will be required to initially sit and pass Financial Accounting and Mathematics & Statistics before attempting the remaining subjects at the ZICA Technician Level.

 Registration forms are available on the download section of this site. They can also be obtained at the Secretariat or from colleges offering the course. They are also available at the ZICA Kitwe Office.

 Career Progression

The ZICA Accountancy Qualification provides prospects for graduates to work in any organisation including the public sector. The graduates’ scope and depth of knowledge, skill and attitude is comparable to any world class accountancy qualification.

 ZICA Membership

Upon completion of the Technician Level, one can apply for ZICA Technician membership. On the other hand, upon completion of the Licentiate level, one can apply for ZICA Licentiate membership. Finally upon completion of Professional Stage and with adequate experience one can apply for Associate membership.

 Mode of Payment

Payments for initial registration, exemptions, examinations, subscriptions and for any other services, may be made through:-

  • Zanaco Bill Muster
  • Company cheques
  • Cash payments

 ZICA Examination Centres

ZICA has twenty two (22) approved examination centres spread evenly across the country. Examinations are conducted at the same time in all these centres. Plans are underway to create formal linkages with other accountancy bodies in the region through the establishment of strategic partnerships. It is envisaged that additional examination centres will be opened up in other countries as soon as the partnerships are formalized.

 For inquiries or to request application forms, fill in the form below;
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We sincerely apologise for having been offline. This was due to system upgrades



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